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Author: Akpanudo EI

Detection, Risk Factors and Antibiogram of Shigella dysenteriae and Shigella flexneri in Young Children with Acute Gastroenteritis in Uyo Metropolis, Nigeria
Journal Article

Shigellosis Children Acute Gastroenteritis Uyo

Moses AE, Udo EE, Akpanudo EI & Moses EA — volume 10, number 1 — pp. 1-11
Knowledge of Obesity and Its Relationship With Cancer Development Among Individuals Attending the Annual General Meeting of Nigerian Union of Journalists, Akwa Ibom State Chapter
Journal Article

Knowledge Relationship Individuals Obesity Cancer

Akpanudo EI, Abudu EK, Motilewa OO, Ubani BC, Abudu OO & Kudamnya IJ — volume 9, number 2 — pp. 8-17