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Knowledge of Obesity and Its Relationship With Cancer Development Among Individuals Attending the Annual General Meeting of Nigerian Union of Journalists, Akwa Ibom State Chapter
Journal Article

Knowledge Relationship Individuals Obesity Cancer

Akpanudo EI, Abudu EK, Motilewa OO, Ubani BC, Abudu OO & Kudamnya IJ — volume 9, number 2 — pp. 8-17
Knowledge of Symptoms Signs and Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer Among Male Senior Staff of University of Uyo and Teaching Hospita
Journal Article

Knowledge Adult males Warning symptoms Risk factors Prostate cance

Abudu EK, Fabian UA, Udoh EA, Ukpong AE, Kudamnya IJ, Akaiso OE & Motilewa OO — volume 8, number 2 — pp. 8-16
Caesarean Delivery and Neonatal Outcome in a Maternity Unit in the Tropics
Journal Article

Caesarean delivery surgical site neonatal outcome maternity unit tropics

Inyang-Etoh EC, Abudu EK & Ekanem AM — volume 6, number 1 — pp. 13-21
Perception and Practice of Home Embalming by Residents in Uyo City of Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria
Journal Article

Perception Practice Home Embalming Uyo City Niger-Delta Region Nigeria

Abudu EK & Akinbami OS — volume 2, number 1 — pp. 25-29
Histopathological Review of Thyroid Diseases in a Sub Urban Tertiary Health Facility in the Tropics
Journal Article

Histopathological review thyroid diseases Goiter Adenoma Carcinoma and Nigeria

Abudu EK, Inyang-etoh EC & Anonubi CC — volume 1, number 2 — pp. 6-11