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Cost-effectiveness of Bilateral Orchidectomy in the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer has been known to be the commonest malignancy of the male urogenital tract. It usually affects elderly and middle aged men. Hormonal manipulation is usually indicated as treatment option in locally advanced and metastatic diseases. In a developing economy such as Nigeria, the cost of treatment of diseases is usually a big issue. This is more so with the treatment of prostate cancer. The lower cost and increased convenience, with fewer side effects, makes bilateral orchidectomy a superior option. In this article, we compared the cost of bilateral orchidectomy with other modalities in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. This was a retrospective study of nineteen (19) patients who had bilateral orchidectomy in the year 2019. Information retrieved from their case notes included biodata, history and physical examination findings with results of laboratory investigations. Information on preoperative treatments was also documented. Informed consent was taken from patients before surgery and post operative complications were documented. Cost of surgery was compared with cost of the other treatment modalities for prostate cancer. There were 19 patients with a mean age of 66.89+8.65 years. Majority of the patients(47.4%) were in their 8th decade of life. More than 50% of patients had Gleason Score of 9 and above. Anaesthesia was achieved using local infiltration with 1% xylocaine for 90% of the patients, while others received subarachnoid block. Post operative complication was low. Bilateral orchidectomy for advanced prostate cancer is simple, safe and cost effective compared to other modalities of treatment.

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