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Megbelayin Affordable Trocar System Mats a Locally Fabricated Trocar Cannula System for Vitreoretinal Use

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In attempts to meet human needs, necessities often form the basis of inventions. Amid scarcity of financial, material and skilled human resources, especially in underserved parts of the world, inventions and innovations are always apt. This article is a modest attempt to bridge a technology gap. It describes a less than ten dollars do-it-yourself needle trocar and cannula system for minimal invasive vitrectomy and sundry vitreoretinal procedures. The article utilized available literature and internet search for relevant information on subjects of Ophthalmic innovations. The Trocar System (Megbelayin Affordable Trocar System-MATS) is designed from a 23G hypodermic needle, 21G irrigating ophthalmic cannula, a bead, glue, iron files and sandpaper.

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