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Uro-Genital Cancers in Nigerians: Clinical Patterns and Challenges of Management

Uro Genital Cancers Nigerians Clinical Patterns Management

Ekwere PD, Ikpi EE & Bassey IT — volume 9, issue 2 — pp. 18-26
Home Management of Childhood Diarrhoea in Southern Nigeria

Childhood Diarrhoea Under Fives Home Management

Udoh EE, Adesina SB, Utomi MN, Igri ES & Udoh MP — volume 9, issue 1 — pp. 1-9
Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome in Uyo Nigeria Challenges of Management in a Resource Limited Setting

Nephrotic Syndrome Children Resource Limited Setting Management

Ikpeme EE & Dixon-Umo OT — volume 4, issue 1 — pp. 43-49