Instruction to Authors

The World Journal of Biomedical Research (WJBMR) is a publication of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, University of Uyo, Uyo - Nigeria. It publishes original research and review articles, case reports, short communication, letter to Editor and technical reports in all fields of medicine, basic medical sciences and allied medical specialties such as nursing, medical laboratory sciences and other related areas.

Manuscript Format and Preparation

Covering letter: This should be signed by all Authors indicating their contributions to the article.

Appearance of materials in manuscripts

Appearance of materials in manuscripts should follow the following order on separate pages:

  1. Title Page: This should include the title of the article; author(s) name (surname, first and middle initials) with institution affiliations and addresses, and e-mail and phone number of the corresponding author. Authors should describe what each contributed in the article as this information may be published. Persons designated as authors should have participated sufficiently in the work to qualify for authorship and be ready to take public responsibility for the content.
  2. Abstract: This should not exceed 250 words and should indicate a brief background, objective, methodology of research, results and conclusion in block format. This should be followed by 3-6 keywords usually taken from the medical subject headings (MeSH) list of Index Medicus.
  3. Introduction: Provide background, well defined problem statement, proffer solution, a brief review of related literature, scope and rationale for the study or observation and study objective(s).
  4. Materials and Methods: Methods and procedures used should be stated in detail to allow for reproducibility by other workers. When reporting experiments/studies on animal or human subjects, indicate whether the procedures were carried out according to the ethical standards of the responsible committee (institutional, national or regional ethical review boards). Method of data analysis should be indicated where it is applicable.
  5. Results: Important observations/findings should be presented in the text, tables and chart, etc. Tables, figures and chart must be placed at the end of the manuscript.
  6. Discussion: State the important aspects of the study including the implications of the findings, limitations and implications for future research, and relate findings to other relevant studies. Conclusions should be linked to the goal of the research.
  7. Acknowledgments (if any): Person(s) who do not meet the criteria for authorship but has made some intellectual contribution to the article should be listed (with their permission) in the acknowledgments.
  8. References: This should be listed in Vancouver style. Cited references in text should be indicated with Arabic numerals in superscript (e.g… as indicated in other studies.1-3) and consecutively in the order of citation within the text. All manuscripts should conform to Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals (published in: BMJ 1997;314:1-10; Biotechnologia Aplicada 1998 15:117-27). Listed references should include author’s name(s), title of article, full name of Journal or abbreviated in the standard format, year of publication, volume, first and last page numbers. References from books, book chapters, internet etc. should also follow Vancouver style. Example of journal reference:
    • *Bassey BE, Moses AE, Bassey EA, Udo SM. Incidence of rubella IgM antibodies in individuals with febrile rash illness attending clinics in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, 2006 - 2009. Health 2011; 3:362-5.
      Note: Where there are more than six authors, list the first six author names and add ’et al.'
  9. Journal Abbreviation: For purposes of citing this journal in the reference section of article, the World Journal of Biomedical Research should be abbreviated as “W J Biomed Res”.
  10. Conflict of Interest: Authors should declare conflict of interest, if any exist. All peer-reviewers to disclose all potential situations which might be viewed as conflicts of interest and should never use the work they are reviewing for other purposes.
  11. Publication Charges: Article processing charge is N25,000.00 per manuscript.
  12. Copyright: Submission of manuscript clearly indicates that:
    • (i) the study has not been published before or is not under consideration for publication elsewhere (except as an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic dissertation/thesis).
    • (ii) Its publication is permitted by all authors and after manuscript is accepted for publication, it will not be submitted for publication anywhere else, in English or in other language without the written approval of the Editor-In-Chief.